GIRIA tree bark bottle vase

GIRIA is a homeware collection balancing between tactility, shape and color.

No two items in GIRIA are the same: each is made by hand from the bark dust of different kinds of trees (Oak, Pine, Ash and tree leaves) that gives a unique texture, varying in colour and roughness of a surface. The collection consists of tableware, vases, candleholders and sculptural objects.

Bottle vase is made from oak bark powder with a copper or brass tube that gives a great contrast for the raw material. It is used for dry flowers only. 


COLOR & TEXTURE - Dark brown - Oak bark, Reddish brown - Pine bark

TUBE – Brass or copper

DIMENSIONS - Height 260 mm, bottom diameter 120 mm 

WEIGHT - 703 g

FINISH - Matte and rough.

NOTES - Indoor use. For dry flowers.

PRE-ORDER - 3 weeks