GIRIA tray | pine tree bark

GIRIA is a homeware collection balancing between tactility, shape and color.

No two items in GIRIA are the same: each is made by hand from the bark dust of different kinds of trees (Oak, Pine, Ash and tree leaves) that gives a unique texture, varying in colour and roughness of a surface.


This plate-tray is made handmade from pine tree bark powder. It is suitable for dry food, holding candles or other objects.


COLOR & TEXTURE – Reddish | Pine tree


Large tray: Height 15 mm, diameter 245 mm 

Small tray: Height 15 mm, diameter 180 mm 



Large approx. 380 g ; 

Small approx 170 g

FINISH - Matte and rough.

NOTES – Only for dry use. Food safe.

PRE-ORDER - up to 3 weeks