GIRIA candleholder |Ash tree bark

GIRIA is a homeware collection balancing between tactility, shape and color.

No two items in GIRIA are the same: each is made by hand from the bark dust of different kinds of trees (Oak, Pine, Ash and tree leaves) that gives a unique texture, varying in colour and roughness of a surface.

Candleholder is made by hand from tree bark powder. The base of the candleholder is accompanied with brass tube that gives a great contrast for the raw material, as well as reflects the warm light of the burning candle.

Color tone and texture might vary because of the organic nature of the product.


         Reddish | Pine bark

          Dark brown | Oak bark

          Ochre | Ash bark

          Green | Leaves

TUBE – Polished brass

DIMENSIONS - Height 55 mm, diameter 65 mm 

WEIGHT – approx. 130 g

FINISH - Matte and rough.

NOTES – Only for dry use.